Snapshot: Marie Belfort

Marie Belfort had worked in events, marketing, and fundraising for many years before joining Winterbourne in 2014 as a Finance Administrator. In-between taking care of our daily income and expenditure, and much else besides, Marie makes time to walk around the garden, always with camera in hand poised ready to take a picture. We asked … More Snapshot: Marie Belfort

Snapshot: Carien van Boxtel

Carien van Boxtel is a self employed garden and landscape designer from Zaltbommel, The Netherlands. In November, whilst attending a meeting in the city centre, Carien longed for somewhere quiet and green. Happily she found Winterbourne and plenty of inspiration too. We asked her to tell us all about it. … More Snapshot: Carien van Boxtel

Snapshot: White

“Snow-white is very vague. There is nearly always so much blue about the colour of snow, from its crystalline surface and partial transparency, and the texture is so unlike that of any kind of flower, that the comparison is scarcely permissable. I take it that the use of ‘snow-white’ is, like that of ‘golden-yellow’, more … More Snapshot: White

Snapshot: Now and Then

 Winterbourne’s broad terrace was employed successfully by architect, JL Ball, as a means of transitioning from house to garden. Ball prescribed a typically understated treatment of the retaining wall and in particular the small verandah which links projecting cross wings on either side: ‘the ceiling and walls inside the verandah to be whitewashed and the … More Snapshot: Now and Then

Snapshot: Blue

“Gentian-blue is a useful word, bringing to mind the piercingly powerful hue of the Gentianella. So also is turquoise-blue, for the stone has little variety of shade, and the colour is always of the same type. Forget-me-not blue is also a good word, meaning the colour of the native water Forget-me-not. Sky-blue is a little … More Snapshot: Blue

Snapshot: Upside Down

Birmingham Camera Obscura is an independent project run by Jenny Duffin and Pete Ashton. All modern cameras are simply the present day ancestors of the ancient camera obscura. The first was built over 3,000 years ago and consisted of a large box with a hole in one side through which light could pass. This light then projected an exterior image onto a … More Snapshot: Upside Down

Snapshot: Instameet

IGersBirmingham are a group of networking Instagram enthusiasts who regularly meet at locations across the city taking photographs which showcase the best of Birmingham’s rich culture and heritage. On the 9th of April they chose to visit us here at Winterbourne! Pin it, post it, tweet it… Hover over your favourite picture to pin it on … More Snapshot: Instameet

Snapshot: Green

“Sage-green is a good colour word, for, winter or summer, the sage-leaves change but little. Olive-green is not so clear, though it has come by use to stand for a brownish green, like the glass of a wine-bottle held up to the light, but perhaps bottle-green is the better word. And it is not clear … More Snapshot: Green