A Seasonal Affair

In March’s ‘The Opportunist’ we unveiled plans for the development of a new Winter Garden focused around ten West Himalayan birch trees planted in the spring of this year. Following a successful summer in the ground those trees have now begun to establish, and the autumn which followed presented yet another window in which to … More A Seasonal Affair

Snapshot: Now and Then

 Winterbourne’s broad terrace was employed successfully by architect, JL Ball, as a means of transitioning from house to garden. Ball prescribed a typically understated treatment of the retaining wall and in particular the small verandah which links projecting cross wings on either side: ‘the ceiling and walls inside the verandah to be whitewashed and the … More Snapshot: Now and Then


All good gardens impart narrative; that is, they exist in conversation with the surrounding landscape, evoke memories of the past and give meaning to the future. Good gardens tell the story of their makers. Yet over time, that story often becomes not a permanent account of a fixed moment in time, but a fluid exchange … More Metamorphoses

The Opportunist

Birches have an extremely long history in the Northern Hemisphere. Amongst the first plants to re-colonise Britain at the end of the ice-age, even Otzi, the 5,000 year old ‘Iceman’ of the Alps, was preserved carrying two containers made of Birch bark. This long lineage is due in part to their eagerness to colonise. Birches … More The Opportunist