A Seasonal Affair

In March’s ‘The Opportunist’ we unveiled plans for the development of a new Winter Garden focused around ten West Himalayan birch trees planted in the spring of this year. Following a successful summer in the ground those trees have now begun to establish, and the autumn which followed presented yet another window in which to … More A Seasonal Affair

Snapshot: White

“Snow-white is very vague. There is nearly always so much blue about the colour of snow, from its crystalline surface and partial transparency, and the texture is so unlike that of any kind of flower, that the comparison is scarcely permissable. I take it that the use of ‘snow-white’ is, like that of ‘golden-yellow’, more … More Snapshot: White

Snapshot: Blue

“Gentian-blue is a useful word, bringing to mind the piercingly powerful hue of the Gentianella. So also is turquoise-blue, for the stone has little variety of shade, and the colour is always of the same type. Forget-me-not blue is also a good word, meaning the colour of the native water Forget-me-not. Sky-blue is a little … More Snapshot: Blue

Snapshot: Green

“Sage-green is a good colour word, for, winter or summer, the sage-leaves change but little. Olive-green is not so clear, though it has come by use to stand for a brownish green, like the glass of a wine-bottle held up to the light, but perhaps bottle-green is the better word. And it is not clear … More Snapshot: Green

The Artist Gardener

So enthralled was William Morris with his garden at Kelmscott Manor, that his friend and romantic rival Dante Gabriel Rossetti often referred to him in correspondence as ‘Morris the gardener’. Morris’ philosophies in turn inspired a generation of Arts and Crafts garden designers who blurred further the already thin line between artist and gardener. Never … More The Artist Gardener

From Pillar to Post

“It seems wonderfully dark at first… but on going into it… one finds that it is a pleasant subdued light.” Gertrude Jekyll, Wood and Garden, 1899 Pergolas come in many different shapes and sizes. The pergola at Winterbourne, for example, is over 35 metres long. In its most basic form a pergola is always a … More From Pillar to Post