Food for Thought

When Winterbourne’s architect, Joseph Lancaster Ball, was instructed by the Nettlefolds to design the hard landscape immediately surrounding the property, he gave as much care and attention to the five-sided Walled Garden as he did to the house itself. Here, Arts and Crafts traditions emerged again in the surrounding country first tamed by Ball, and… More Food for Thought


All good gardens impart narrative; that is, they exist in conversation with the surrounding landscape, evoke memories of the past and give meaning to the future. Good gardens tell the story of their makers. Yet over time, that story often becomes not a permanent account of a fixed moment in time, but a fluid exchange… More Metamorphoses

Snapshot: Blue

“Gentian-blue is a useful word, bringing to mind the piercingly powerful hue of the Gentianella. So also is turquoise-blue, for the stone has little variety of shade, and the colour is always of the same type. Forget-me-not blue is also a good word, meaning the colour of the native water Forget-me-not. Sky-blue is a little… More Snapshot: Blue

Old Lions

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are a magnet for all those with an interest in the botanical. Since its inception in the 18th century Kew has grown from a small ‘physick garden’ to a horticultural oddessy filled with scientific collections, herbaria and stunning garden architecture. Kew and its partners now hold conserved seed from 10%… More Old Lions

Snapshot: Upside Down

Birmingham Camera Obscura is an independent project run by Jenny Duffin and Pete Ashton. All modern cameras are simply the present day ancestors of the ancient camera obscura. The first was built over 3,000 years ago and consisted of a large box with a hole in one side through which light could pass. This light then projected an exterior image onto a… More Snapshot: Upside Down